Are you stressed, have weight problems, constant fatigue, perimenopause, andropause and you note health changes?

You might have hormonal imbalance, which affects health in nearly any way.


What is happening in your body? The above questions might unexpectedly appear in your life. And you didn’t think they will ever touch you. People are often familiar with the health advices. They know what they should do but they just don’t. Besides the motivation there is a knowledge missing of why you landed in a hormonal imbalance, how your body works and what it needs for a proper functioning. Only by understanding the problem you can fix it. And here HEALTHIA® can help you.

Our goal is a healthier you, with no relapses. With HEALTHIA® you firstly learn about hormonal imbalance and what it causes in your body and continue with natural management of the problem. Then it’s easier to implement achievable changes. You will master simple new habits and bring them into your everyday. You will also learn about the right fuel (nutrition) for your healthy functioning and the body energy consumption (gym and controlled weight loss) on the other hand.


HEALTHIA® coaching is unique, well thought out and adjusted to a comprehension and ‘ready to use’ formula for each client.  In just 2 months (2 hours weekly) you will understand your health changes, be able to manage them and be in process of acquiring healthy habits.

Transformational coaching is delivered in 5 complementary chapters and is in line with the healthcare guidelines: physiology, natural management of hormonal imbalance, nutrition, detox & gym and controlled weight loss. You need to start with the first one in order to understand the rest.

After understanding your body you will be able to define and eliminate the problem. You will be guided towards transformational, simple habit changes into a healthier and thus more positive and radiant life. Studies show that happier people live 7,5 years longer.

YOU are the primary focus. HEALTHIA® is better in advancing your consciousness about your own health.  It is about your hormonal disbalance and we are working together to fix it with the realistic goals. You can fully use out our help and knowledge.  Learn, understand, implement and grow in your mind set towards a ‘healthy you’. Get it live directly from a professional. Schedule your own pace and timing from anywhere in the world. It is interactive, aligned with the professional healthcare guidelines, medical opinions and upon evidence based medicine.

Additionally HEALTHIA® is unique and better because when you take part you are even charitable and help, yes – to the dolphins!

A major advantage in our busy everyday schedules is that this COACHING is available ONLINE and live with a coach. Think only about spending time after your job when you are tired to travel from one part of the city to the next to get to your coaching on time.

With HEALTHIA® you can stay in a cosy environment of your home and define your own timing. Usually people schedule 2 hours per week. You will always enjoy a direct contact with a professional coach so you obtain the needed confidence and a better way to follow up.

Start this amazing journey into a healthier and happier, new you. Now.