This section comprises a slow, controlled and healthy weight loss. It is based on reachable healthy goals with no demanding diets. We will have a look into a realistic energy need from the intake, and what options do we have to use it along with our different activities.


The solutions in this coaching and advices are based on experiencing no yo-yo effect after you achieve the desired goal.

You will learn about behavioural patterns in nutrition. Where do we do typical mistakes?
The leptin and ghrelin hormones interplay about which you have learned in the HEALTHIA® hormones  will be looked at again. And together we will find the mistakes that you do to identify and start solving the weight problem. You will also look on the insulin and the glicemic stress that you might have acquired before.

Your feeding habits will be plotted and you will shift them on the paper, eliminate what is not healthy and start the new feeding habits where you will be coached through.

Once you, with the help of the coach, understand the mistakes you did in the past and recognize the problem, HEALTHIA®will help you to implement healthy changes and understand the food intake that you need. You will understand what food you really need and that you don’t have to be hungry while reducing weight. That is the best part! Don’t be afraid in advance that it is not doable – you just need to know how to do it and be properly advised.

Where to set the boundaries for a healthy weight loss and how to manage the plan for it? Is this hard to reach? You will get a healthy plan for personally set weight loss with a clear goal that will be set together with your coach, Darja Ribarič.

You will be happy to project this achievement into your life and stick to it.