Detox – what is it? Is it a trendor a real necessity?

Let HEALTHIA® guide you to give up the unnecessary burden, drain it away and fill yourself up with the energy. It is here where it all starts. It can start with breathing, continuing with cleansing your inner side of the body with food, enough water and continue with movement – gym. Try to imagine a drainpipe from the kitchen sink which you didn’t clean already for years. Of course it will start to ‘complain’ and the water will not drain as good anymore or it’ll even be blocked. Especially, if you are after cooking washing day by day some fat from the dishes… It is funny way to compare it but we need to take care for our bodies just the same way. You need to do some cleansing after all.

Detox is not just a trend. In a stressful society and your burdened body like is a modern lifestyle it is almost a necessity to detox from time to time.


In this chapter you will get simple advices on how to make detox with the diet and why gym is important in this connection.

You will get to know what triggers the body acidification. What is acidification anyway?
How to get rid of the low body level pH?
Management solutions for your acidified body through the adequate food choices and some elimination of the unhealthy foods.

You will get to know why detox gives us:

  • more energy,
  • more beautiful skin,
  • a nicer figure,
  • a better responsiveness of the immune system,
  • why it improves the values in our healthcare checks and much more?

For all of the above you get the simple and feasible detox plan, adjusted to your needs and motivation.
Along you will be coached how to couple your detox with a gym, which will also be adjusted into your busy every day.