Are you perimenopausal and also stressed? This is an absolutely awesome coaching option and totally unique in the whole world. It is a real escape for women together with a free-living dolphin experience.


  • a 6 day all-inclusive retreat in a thalasso thermal spa hotel,
  • a complete HEALTHIA® Master coaching module in a small and interactive group of maximum 9 more people (predominantely women).
  • absolutely AWESOME and as a lifelong memory – within your stay you will go out to the sea with the boat and have hands on experience in a bottlenose dolphin observation.
  • You will be accompanied by the head researcher and will learn how do we connect with these intelligent marine animals that face amazingly similar problems to ours.
  • You will be accomodated in the medicinal thermal spa right next by the sea at the Adriatic Coast.
  • You will have a picturesque overview above the sea and plenty of fabulous walking trails possibilty.
  • you will enjoy and spoil yourself in the thermal spa in the free hours which is included in the price.


TOP PLUS POSITIVE is that by taking part in HEALTHIA® retreat you direcly help in the conservation of the adorable dolphins, the last living marine mammals in the area.

This special offer is only possible in two months per year: May and October. It lasts from Saturday – Thursday and is led in Slovenia, EU.